I've been attempting to diet for the past few weeks. I wanted to try to get on the wii for at least 30 mins a day on wii fit, but I've done that twice in the past few weeks. I swore of soda, but have had some in the past few days. Today's excuse was lack of sleep and I needed the caffeine. Which is hardly doing anything but it was keeping me awake last night.

I had ice-cream too. But that's easy to counter with just having good stuff for the rest of my meals.

But I'm so tired right now. I really need a nap but that probably won't happen any time soon. Sammi had a really bad night, woke up around 11:30 screaming and crying and stayed in that state no matter what I tried until 1am. Kathleen was awake most of that time too, but she was at least in her room watching tv. I only had to get on to her a little bit. We went to be around 9ish I could have slept till 11:30ish but the caffeine and the laptop reformat was on my mind. I hate going to bed with an unfinished project on my mind. But the laptop is now up to 100% and it's NOT slow. So I must have had a virus or something on it that was jacking all my processor speed. It seems to be fine now.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015