Sad day

One hell of a day. My Dad just called me to tell my his mom has passed away - died of cancer. While not surprising its still very sad and very heart wrenching. We were close with Grandma B in Denver, we even lived with her for 6 months before moving to New York.

Her 80th birthday party was going to be July 18. She didn't get to see 80. I made her a memory book of our family, now she won't get to see it. She won't get to see my girls.

My parents are flying to Colorado soon, and will be back in time or just after we get to my parents house for vacation. It's a hell of a way to start vacation for my mom and dad. I feel so bad for my Dad. None of us have seen Grandma B since my brother's wedding. And I can't even say how long that has been.

Today is a very sad day.

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