So much to do

I have so much to do in 2.5 days that it's not even funny. The biggest and most important thing to get done before Tuesday is get together all the important paperwork and software to take to Shea's folks house just in case of a hurricane while we are gone. Everything but the $3000 software I use on a daily basis for my freelancing I can replace computers included. But insurance doesn't cover that cost and it is very vital to my business that I have these pieces of software.

We will also take up all our signed Wheel of Time books as they are not irreplaceable. Insurance papers, birth certificates, girls social security cards all have to go up there just in case the house is gone when we come back.

I also have to get my dog ready by Tuesday to go to Shea's folks house, but in order to do that I have to find a new hiding place for the new toys and things the girls have for the trip up. Not to mention a safe place to put the dvd player for the van for the trip - and all the baby things on top of the pen like diapers wipes and things. Diamond's pen doesn't move, it's a good place to put things that the girls and the dog can't get lol. So it's extra storage space and keeps our door from slamming into the wall of our bedroom.

I have gotten the office, and the hall cleaned, vacuumed and even used a deterizer on the carpet so we come home to less of a dog smelling house. I will finish our bedroom, then work on the living room and finally the kitchen. I am not touching the girls rooms, Kathleen's I should but I hate cleaning up all the toys on the floor, we'll see. Samantha's room doesn't really need cleaning per say just picking up the mess they've made in there.

And shea's home sick and sleeping so making noise isn't really a good thing right now. I have to go get his Rx so he hopefully can go to work tomorrow. And I'm not in the mood to do anything bad news can sure take the life out of anyone. Ah well back to the trenches I guess.

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