It's been a rough night

Yesterday was not a good day for many reasons. The biggest reason being that Diamond passed away. She's been with Shea's folks while we are on vacation. Late last week his mom called and told us Diamond wasn't doing well. We chalked it up her moping around and missing us. She was fine the next day and then yesterday she was lethargic and they were in the process of taking her to the vet ER which was 2 hours away as it was after hours. At around 8pm EST his dad called and told us that she didn't make it.

So needless to say I've been having a very bad night - on top of leaving my parents house I have to deal with the death of my beloved pet. And so many things run through my mind that might have happened but we will really never know what happened.

We left my parents about 8pm last night and drove through the night and got to Virginia Beach at about 7am. So right now we are sitting in the parking lot of the motel we are staying in cause we can't check in for another 2 hours at least - possibly 3. It sucks. Thankfully the girls have the dvd player and the free wifi reaches out to the van so I can at least do something - even if it's depressing.

I cryied several times last night before I got a few winks of shut eye. I can't help it Diamond was such a part of our lives. Shea's parents are going to bury her in their yard somewhere I can easily get to so I can put a headstone or something. I know I will at least visit it. My biggest fear is that Diamond thought we'd abandoned her and thought we didn't love her anymore. I feel horrible about things for my inlaws. They had to deal with it all while we were away.

The only plus side is that the girls didn't see her go down hill. But what do you tell a 3 year old about the loss of her beloved pet? We are at a loss of words. I really don't know what to tell her when she asks where Diamond is. I'm so sorry we lost her like this and its killing me.

We probably won't be getting another pet for a while. Maybe we can get fish, maybe. But then again we probably won't do that either. We'll see. I have too much to think about now that new pets are far from my mind.

As a side note we had a great vacation, I'll post more about that later, right now got a few other things to do.

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