Back from Vacation Woes

This is a little bit of a lot of things, mostly about our vacation but not all of it.

I'll bore you with the not vacation stuff first since it's on my mind and I'll make a vacation post in a bit. With out the money sitting in the bank that we'd saved for our vacation I now have the OMG we have no fall back money situation. The problem we are falling behind in bills, everyone is sick and that means Shea can't go to work and that means no full pay check next week. I really need to do something here this is getting to me badly.

If I get a job, it has to pay enough to pay for gas, child care for two children (which will run us about $100/kid) and enough money left over to make the job worth while. So basically that leaves out jobs like full time clerical and the likes, cause I would have to bring home at least $306(net) per week just to cover those expenses - approximately: $7.64/hour.

I can freelance, but that isn't guaranteed. I have however applied at Heritage again, so we'll see if I get in this time. That is at least pretty reliable income but may not be enough to get us out of the whole. I am considering killing our cable again, it won't help us immediately but it can help us in the long run. But that limits what I can do to add money to the table, with out cable I am basically just a stay at home mom, and I can't do any freelancing. So it's a hard choice. We already have the basic TV package, killing just the TV would bring the bill down 50 dollars and change.

I really don't know what to do at this point. I'm in a holding pattern until Heritage gets back to me, but I really am not sure what to expect, they turned me down last time, this time I'm not expecting any good results. I'm hesitant to do php again there while they pay is large, the time between checks is always long because they are large projects.

Oh well, life goes on, we'll figure something out I'm sure. The bank is opening now I need to hit it before doing what grocery shopping I can do this week. I'll post vacation post when I get back.

Wish us luck!

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