Kitchen Table

Since Shea and I have been together we have never owned a kitchen/dinning room table, ever. That's 9 years of eating wherever. With Diamond gone, we now have a dilemma. The girls have become overly use to the dog cleaning up after them. Which I didn't mind so much until Diamond stopped eating the cheerios that kept making it to the floor. I don't blame her for not eating them as I'm sure it got real old real fast. But now with out our living vaccuum, we have a problem. The girls still throw their food on the floor.

So since getting another dog is pretty much out of the question at this moment, we bought a kitchen table. We've been using it as much as we possibly can and the girls are adapting well to it. I think the stint at my parents house with a family dinner helped out with that. Kathleen is pretty much a jabber jaw at the table, but it's really nice to be a family even is Sammi isn't quite so ready to sit down and eat with us. But she's going through a phase anyway with her eating habits.

The table is in the middle of our living room right near the front door, it's the only place we can really put it. It's going to make cleaning a hassle since I use to push all the toys and stuff into that area, but hopefully that once I get things manageable after having been sick a week things will be better in both my kitchen and in my living room. Less food on the floor = less mess to clean up. And the more likely I won't have to hunt anything more than sippie cups that have migrated around the house.

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