Panic attack

Yesterday was not a good day for the family, mostly the girls, but not a good day in general considering what we all did. Kathleen decided it was a good idea to drink Children's Tylenol. We'd been giving it to the girls about once a day for the past couple of nights because they'd been feeling overly warm and it was cold related so I wasn't extremely careful about putting it up up. I put it as far back on the bathroom counter in my room behind a whole bunch of other things. And Kathleen used the garbage can to climb up there and get it. At 11am I found them with the empty bottle.

With an hour of hemming and hawing about whether or not to take them to the ER I called the Posion Control Center. They needed to know Kathleen's weight, and we have no working scales. I estimated it for them and since I am not sure what it was and how much was actually in the bottle I decided to take them both to the ER. At 12pm I called Shea and told him and he met me in the ER.

We heard lots of stories about kids doing something similar. Shea ate a whole bottle of chewable vitamins, his youngest brother ate a whole bottle of children's asprin. The doctor who treated the girls, son opened at foil container of the unopened cough syrup bottle. And one of the nurses daughter ate a box of Ex-lax.

After 5 or so hours in the ER the girls were cleared to go home. They were forced to drink charcoal which was an ordeal unto itself. They took blood twice from them and they both did very well in terms of that.

Kathleen did share with her sister, but Kathleen had most of it. Their discharge papers clearly indicated who had the brunt of the overdose. Samantha's said non-toxic, Kathleen's didn't say it so it was likely to have been toxic. But the doctor wasn't overly worried about it and as long as their second blood test didn't show dramatic increase in acetaminaphen in their blood stream they could go home. So now we wait and watch to make sure Kathleen is okay.

Today's goal is to make sure all the medicine in the house is put up and way out of reach. Along with cleaning the house up more. While I'm still going to worry for a while I'm pretty sure things will be okay, it's just a matter of telling my Mommy brain that lol.

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