While we were on vacation we had a problem, a problem we didn't know about. The guest bedroom's bathroom, where Kathleen likes to go potty or use to rather, was used before we left. I thought I had checked it before we left, but I was wrong, it ran from July 1 to July 20ish when we got home. It resulted in a 400 dollar water bill for a time where we should have no water consumption at all.

We bought the parts to fix the toilet and have had the bill adjusted to 200 dollars. While not what we usually do it's better than 400. I can deal with 200 in a month versus 400, that is not a possibility. I thank the technician for telling us that we could adjust the bill because the lady in accounting sure didn't tell me. But today when I went in to take care of they told me I could call and have the bill adjusted for next month's bill as it was running for about 2 weeks during that time. So that'll hopefully take care of any discrepancies there.

Shea was surprised that it wasted that much water. The tech said that he'd seen it happen where it had someone an 800 dollar bill. I can't imagine that. I'm thankful we didn't have that kinda bill.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015