It's been a tough week, but it's turning out good. The first of the week saw lots of rain and Shea got rained out so we are out a day and a half of pay. This sucks but there is nothing we can do about it, Shea tried to stay but after a certain point he had no choice in the matter, he had to leave.

Late last night, like 8pm I checked my secondary work email and I found I had been accepted to work with Heritage again. While I'm not sure which application they were accepting, I'm assuming it's the one I sent in yesterday versus the one I sent in more than three weeks ago. But it really doesn't matter I got the freelancing work. My goal is to do at least one project a week if not more. I hope more but we'll see.

My biggest concern now is they aren't taking taxes out and I want to pay taxes on it when I can otherwise the money will get spent. So I need to figure out how I can do this and make sure the government gets their money and I get credit for paying these taxes. Last time I did this I didn't have to worry about it cause I was only working for part of the year - 3 months in 07 and 3 months in 08 before I had to turn off cable. It's 5 months this year and I hope to continue working with them until I either have a full time job or my own clients take off with reliable projects and pay. Since I'm not pushing locally yet as I don't have the time I don't expect that to happen until after both girls are in school. So another 2-3 years before my own business will be viable fully.

Anyway I can feel a bit better about our situation, while it's not alot of money it's more money that we had coming in. It's really sad that everything always comes down to money. Sometimes I wish I'd been born in a simpler times, but then I'd never have met my husband, my mom and dad probably would never have met. That's the thing with meeting outside of your home town. My parents met in Denver, but my Mom was born in New York. Simpler times means she'd probably never have gone to Denver and thus I'd never have been born. But still the sentiment still exists. I can't say that I could stand living that type of life now, after having lived a technologically filled one. If things were to go to pot today and technology stopped working I would find it very difficult to live with out my family. I miss them dearly now but I get to talk to my parents every week and they get to see their grandkids over the web cam. It's nice, with out it we'd not have a whole lot of contact and I would be lost. So while I wish for simpler times, I really don't want it either.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015