DDR Disney Groove

Well today Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves came in. I picked it up and I played for a bit with the girls. My knees hurt lol.

I really enjoyed it, not sure the girls do, but they don't quite understand so it's not surprising but they did try and they liked dancing with the characters so that was good.

I hope to play it everyday, I'll be on beginner until my knees don't hurt afterwards and then I'll move up from there. But it got me moving I started to sweat and while it may not be the best exercise in the world it did get me off my butt for an hour or so. That's always good.

I hope to get up early in the morning to take a better look at the game, it's really difficult with the girls here to look at the game fully.

Now I have to go clean up the girls. They got into the only bottle of nail polish I own that I use to wear lol and now it's empty and they are covered in nail polish. Oh well time to pray I have nail polish remover.

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