Happy Birthday to Me!

lol, no my day was not eventful, well not in the exciting way. My days are always eventful.

Today I worked at bit for HIT on a new project. If you know anything about Zen Cart and one of their Wish List mods I'd love to chat with ya. I have a question that I can't find an answer for as of yet. At least not one that doesn't involved sending the user to an error message page which gives me what I want as well. Go figure right.

I'm only taking one project at a time until I grasp their system. One down. One more to go. I'm also not going too over board until my project manager (or rather who I think is my PM) will be back into the office.

But I went to the doctor about this cough I've been having. I talked with my Mom and she said she thought I had it while I was up there as well. I know I've had it since after we got home. Post nasal drip causing the cough. The doc put me on Z-pac and a pill to help stop the drip.

Ya know what? I didn't feel this bad before taking the med. My chest is slightly tight and I'm about to fall asleep. Yes I was tired before, but now, I am exhausted and having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Lovely!

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