Labor Day & Pets

I can't say how much I miss being home when family gathering holiday's roll around. My day was uneventful, I didn't even plan to barbaque. Not that my grill would work if I wanted to anyway. I haven't grilled all summer long thanks to not having the money to refill the gas tank for the grill.

I'm having a hard time with missing Diamond. I try not to let the girls see how much it hurts. I'm not worrying about doing something wrong with her, I just miss her to death. Shea doesn't want another one yet. And I understand why. We can't afford a puppy right now anyway. To many added expenses.

I have suggested fish to him but he and I both agree that it's difficult finding a place with the girls in their I must get into everything stage. I suggested a cat. My initial thought was that it would be cheaper than a dog but they too need licensing and vet visits after the initial kitten stage. The biggest thing there though is it might help with the mice population in the winter time. Dunno how they do it but every winter we get little critters in our attic and house, at least since Katrina anyway I don't recall having them before then.

I'm not sure if we'll have a pet anytime soon. Maybe once at the beginning of next year after a tax refund comes in. I did get one bit of news from Shea that in March if they strike, he plans to go to work through the strike. That was awesome news as we really couldn't afford it other wise. And it'll leave our tax refund for things that are more important like getting me a new computer, hopefully Windows 7 will be available I really don't want to have to upgrade and/or get Vista at all lol, but we'll see. I'd love to get a MAC but don't think that will happen. Besides I couldn't play WoW on it, don't think WoW installs on the MAC, much less all my design software. We'll see.

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