More Sleep?

Okay last night was a mixture of good and bad. Sure Samantha had fallen asleep yesterday afternoon on the floor of the bedroom with her sister bugging her on and off it wasn't that great of a sleep and I don't think it was really all that long, but I generally don't time naps if they take them. So Sammi had trouble going to sleep. She took about an hour or so to get to bed, and in that process Kitten got woke up, so I then had to deal with her on getting back to sleep.

I am not quite clear that if after Kathleen went to sleep that no one else woke me up. I know I got out of bed at least once, but that was my typical I have to go potty wake up call. I'm not sure they woke up until hear me now 4:15am. Now this isn't nearly as bad as the 2-3am ones I have been getting. I have to get up to make Shea's lunch at 4 anyway. But instead of them sleeping in their room Kitten came into mine saying she didn't feel well (which she's been saying all week long with no other evidence that she is - but stomach pains are hard to tell unless it's coming out either end and it's not). Anyway we started with Kathleen, Samantha, me and ended up Kathleen me, Samantha. As they both wanted to touch and snuggle with Mommy. Which I knew would be the case but Sammi insisted that she wanted to lay down in the middle at first.

And Sammi had trouble going back to sleep after that tossing the covers all over and me already missing one as I wasn't on my side of the bed I was already chilly it wasn't a fun morning to get back to sleep. But it's 8:30 and they are still sleeping mostly, I think my typing is waking them up. It's thursday it's not such a big deal if they don't sleep well tonight. We don't encourage naps during the weekend anymore than during the week, but it's less stressful on all of us when Daddy doesn't have to wake up at 4am.

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