It never ceases to amaze me the differences between the girls. I still get the "oh they look like twins" comments from strangers, when they clearly do not look like twins - Kathleen has brown hair and eyes and looks like me and Samantha has mouse brown hair and blue grey eyes and looks like her father. I know every kid is different and I'm not even talking development in this particular case, just their personalities.

Sammi is a social butterfly, when we are with people, particularly ones she knows she goes from one lap to the next with no problem. Kathleen is shy and really only goes from kid to kid, she tolerates adults but she isn't as big into them until she's been around them for a while, an hour or two at the minimum.

I sit and i watch the girls play. Kathleen likes to build things and create things, her biggest thing right now is making tents. She likes to figure out how things work, she never really put a person in a house or even rolled a car around on the floor until she saw her sister do it. Sammi on the on the other hand loves to sit and play with her toys. She'll take a handful of them and put them in their house, or drive the cars around the floor. There isn't any pushing of buttons just pure imagination. I really love how they play, they don't play together much, they are usually fighting, but Sammi almost always has to go whereever her sister is.

It's just really cool to watch them grow.

Kathleen is drawing pictures now, not just scribling on paper. She has drawn a bunny rabbit, some fish, people and her current favorite is drawing faces - happy, sad, doesn't matter just faces. She's really starting to draw real well. It started out with just circles for eyes, now the eyes have color in them but the whole circle isn't colored in, just like a real eyes.

Sammi has started to color a bit, which is really good considering she never really had any interest before we went to New York. She's also looking like she'll be a lefty. She eats with her left hand and I'm pretty sure she's favoring her left hand in most things, she definitely eats better with her left.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015