Dr. Appt.

I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday.

[Guys go away if you are squeamish]

It was a followup to an abnormal cell result on my last pap. I asked my doctor what so many abnormals mean and he said that it wasn't anything to worry about yet. If the abnormal cells haven't cleared up in a year (January was when the copoloscopy was done) then he'd have to freeze my cervix or something else of that nature, basically something surgical needed to be done at that point.

I won't have any results from that test for a while but while I was there I mentioned the pain in my left ovary area. He felt around and said he did feel something out of place. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday and a following about 3 weeks later. Hopefully we'll be able to go over both results then. I'm mildly concerned about the ovary problem. I'm always overly concerned about these things until I get the results. Hopefully I won't lose sleep over these things.

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