Potty Training

I think it finally clicked with Kathleen!

We still have accidents but for the past week, more often than not Kathleen goes in the potty no matter what. We still go through a ton of panties cause she tends to take then off each bathroom trip, but that's something we can work on later. It's just become habit AND she also tends to wait till the last minute and wets them a little bit. But we are doing wonderfully well with the potty and I'm so happy.

I would really like to give her a big reward for that, but what I want to do I don't want to think is all hers. I am really longing for a puppy. Not that it can't wait cause it's going to have to until we can afford to pay the bills for the beginning vet bills and the puppy fees and all. I'm thinking we'll probably get one around Christmas/Tax time, but we'll see.

We still have many conversations with Kathleen about Diamond. None seem to be overly sad. Yes, she misses her but its more along the lines of I miss Diamond, but she's up in the sky. We talk alot about the stars and Diamond. I know she'll have to deal with death sometime, someday, but at the tender of 3 I don't think is the proper time to do that.

Sammi hasn't cared one way or the other about Diamond. I don't think she really understood her not coming home, but she doesn't even mention her when she sees pictures, just says dog and barks lol. No name associated with her so I guess that's a good transition for her.

I've discussed a puppy with Kathleen and asked her if she wanted to help with the puppy, feed it and teach it to go potty outside and stuff, she seems to be for it, so we'll see. I feel for the puppy cause it's going to get overloved I'm sure.

I think we both agree that a black lab might be our next best bet, but we'll see.

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