Mediawiki vs Wordpress

I love Wordpress. I like Mediawiki but it has it's downsides, most importantly is the update process. Because I don't have command line access to my server updating mediawiki is a royal pain in the butt. Basically it requires me to reinstall the wiki through the install process and then return the localsettings back to the way there were before hand. While not overly complicated it does make updating mediawiki more complicated than I like. It also provides one very big draw back for me, transferring sites must be done via a database dump and that doesn't always work so well for me when I have to reupload the sql dump. Not something that isn't a problem with other softwares but putting things into retrospec Wordpress makes it so much easier.

But Wordpress doesn't make for a good wiki by itself. Linking pages is annoying as you have to type in the url code, and if a page doesn't exist it'll just go no where. In comes the plugins. Such an awesome thing is the invention of plugins. I can modify my wordpress to make the wiki links in one easy step similar to mediawiki thanks to Wiki Page Links. I also found a plugin for foot notes (FD Footnotes) that doesn't interfer with the wiki pages.

With these two plugins I can now make wordpress a decent wiki like documentation system. The one thing that I like about mediawiki that I've yet to get on wordpress is the table of contents jumps for pages. But that really isn't something that is overly important as I can do that in code anyway. But right now I've got a good start to making my world building project public in wordpress. yay!

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