Fall is so nice

Fall is such a nice time of year. It's the beginning of so many things to do. First we had the Craft Fair, which we usually only go for the kettle corn, shaved ice and the inflatable bouncers for the girls. Shea picks up a new rock here and there and we might see something that the girls like, but as with most things it the food we go for.

Then it's the County Fair. This year was fun. We age some really good gumbo and then the girls went on the rides. First up was the bumblee bees that go up and down and round and round. Kathleen rode those. Then on to the ferris wheel. Kathleen rode with her Daddy. She loved it. She could see everything and tried to stand up and look over the side. I'm glad I wasn't watching.

Then we went to the merry-go-round where Daddy rode with the girls, both girls got on and Samantha didn't even scream. That was her start to the rides. We then rode the slide, Kathleen went down by herself and Samantha and I went down together. Kathleen had to scoot the rest of the way down the slide she just didn't get far enough on the flat part for her liking. Then they rode the little trucks that go round in circle. I was impressed this year, Sammi actually rode the rides.

Next on our fall activities is of course Halloween. I really hope it doesn't rain tonight as tonight is the city's Trunk or Treat. The kids get to go trick or treating on del mas (I think that's the roads name). They block it off and people set up cars and booths and the kids trick or treat from there. Quick and easy and safe way to get candy.

Tomorrow we will do some house to house, mostly going up to Mam and Pawpaw's house and maybe a few other houses in the area that want to see the girls.

After that is Thanksgiving, the Wilkerson Family Christmas and then Christmas. Fall is the start to my favorite and depressing time of year. I very much miss being home at this time of the year. But it gets better the older the girls get and the more things I can do with them. This year I hope to have them help make Christmas decoration, as I am once again going with paper decorations so that I don't lose or ruin the ones I have, besides if the girls play with them it won't be so bad. Paper chains, maybe some snowmen, and some poinsettias and some candy canes. If I get ambitious I might try to find a craft book for that. I know I had one from one of my Sister In Laws when she was giving her son's old grown out of toys away. I put it up so the girls couldn't get it and I know they found it. Now to find it again lol. It had some neat crafts in it.

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