Right or Left? How about both?

I was reading the article, Understanding your brain for better design - Left vs Right. I read the descriptions in order, right brain, and felt yep, that's me. Then I read the left and was confused, yep that's me too.

I took the first quiz in the article and scored 50%. I took the second quiz and I scored 51% left, 49% right. So does that 1% mean something? I have no clue.

But I guess that they both fit in their own ways. I don't like verbal instruction, though it's very helpful. When in college I never looked at my notes again, but if I didn't take them I didn't remember what was in the lecture. The physical act of writing it down helped. I find it very difficult for me to pick up completely new things and new concepts with out some sort of instruction and the doing afterwards. Reading a book with out assignments really doesn't work for me. I need hands on or I won't remember it. That's probably why I do so well with my web projects, I continually have hands on time with them.

I also consider myself a programmer more than a designer. I see the code but I know what it's suppose to look like. I do mostly design work, but I'm always thinking how will I code this. I can code a page with out first doing it in photoshop if I've a general idea of how I want to do the layout, however graphics are my down side I am continually trying to improve that aspect. I work on whatever graphics I can and try to insure I learn new techniques all the time.

I don't know if any of this makes me left or right brained, I'm not sure how it can help me really. But it was interesting. I learn as I know what works best for me. I design and code how it works best for me. I know no other way.

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