Turkey Dinner

Well our Turkey Dinner went over well, not as well as it could have. My turkey wasn't completely thawed out so I had to do the water method before throwing it in the oven. I couldn't find the potato peeler so my mashed potatoes had the skins in there too. I food process them so it's not such a big deal just something I don't care for.

The girls must not have been hungry cause they didn't touch their corn. I bought six ears just for them.

The yeast rolls were eh. They were edible, but they were flat, more like biscuits. They rose nicely the first time, maybe it's cause I spaced them too far apart they rose out instead of up, dunno. It was also kinda damp outside so I'm sure that didn't help. A do again but have to see about doing something different.

The pecan pie on the other hand was a major hit! The only thing Shea said could be better was the nuts a little softer, not sure what I can do about that but he loves it so it's all good. Nothing to change, I can make one more pie with the stuff I bought, so we'll try again to make sure it's "perfection" lol.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015