Shea's company is trying to push for a contract extension for the crafts. Basically it boils down to $1000 bonus if the extension is accepted, two $0.55 raises and no raising health care over the next two years. While this is not great for the long run it's good in the short term. Shea beleives that it will get pushed through because of the lack of foresight. While we won't mind the extra cash and the steady premium for our health care, I hope that a dollar ten pay increase over the next two years will let us survive. They vote on the first to pass it through or not. So we wait on that.

Now that I'm posting this I'm sure to jinx it, but Shea said he wasn't going to tell me about the contract extension. (I read it online before he told me lol.) But he said he was thinking about getting a puppy for me with that money. So now I've pretty much jinxed it I'm sure, but I hope we can get a puppy soon. I've a little bit of research to do on the where we get the puppy from but that shouldn't take too long, we've a pretty good idea just need to check on the process and all that.

We are thinking of it as a family Christmas present for me and the girls. I know Kathleen will absolutely love a puppy. Maybe they'll stop being the puppies and let the puppy be a puppy and play with it. I think they will both enjoy it to death.

The girls are at their Mam and Pawpaw's. I get a night to myself. And what did I do with it? I cleaned. The kitchen and their toy room. We will be fogging the house again tomorrow so their room had to be picked up so the toys don't get all yucky from the fogger. While the bug problem is less, it's still here so we figure another go at it won't hurt any. So we fog on Thanksgiving.

So I hope that I don't jinx the puppy but hopefully things will all go well.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015