It passed

Well the union's passed the not so great contract extension. Shea did his part and voted against it, lol, mostly so he could complain about it's crappiness.

On the 17th we will get the bonus, while it's much appreciated it's not the best end result. One plus, no strike in March for Shea to have to cross the picket lines to get to work. No rise in health insurance premiums for the next two years. So those are the pluses, I just hope that we can survive the next two years on this extension.

With the news that it passed, we will probably be going to the Gautier Human Society (30 mins away) to see about getting a puppy. If we find one we like it'll be fixed the following Wednesday and we'll be able to take it home on Thursday. Shea wants to know if we can pick it up on Friday, it doesn't matter too much to me. I can put the puppy in the back of the van on a sheet with a baby gate keeping it out from under my feet.

That will give us time to get the crate from Mam and Pawpaw's house, clean it up and buy all the necessary items. Thankfully we have a dog dish that is nice and tip proof, water on the other hand is not so neat and easy. I think we'll deal with either a rabbit water bottle or get one of those water dishes with a bottle on top to house the water. The latter is much more dangerous with my twin tornadoes. I'm sure I'd find water all over the house.

I'm excited to get a new puppy and a bit scared. I really want a furry kid, even if it means more work and frustration for me lol, but I'm hoping that the puppy will help add some responsibility to the girls if they want their toys to survive lol. But we'll see.

If we don't find one in Gautier we may have to go to Gulfport or Mobile. Hopefully not because that is a bit far away for us to go run and pick the pup up after fixing it.

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