It seems I'm going for a goal of a post a day on my blog, I doubt it will actually work, but we'll see. It really does depend on the weekends. During the week it's an easy feat just have to think up something to write about, we'll see if I can manage that this month. Maybe writing my fustrations down will help lol.

But anyway, I'm looking for PSDs to convert to HTML/CSS templates, more importantly to convert into functional wordpress designs. I have downloaded about 20 different PSDs to use as my learning base. This is actually what I love doing, so for a limited time ONLY I'm looking for other people's creations to create into wordpress designs they can use.

While I can theme wordpress with the best of them, I'm looking at this more from a development point of view. I have two goals in mind here. 1) to take the psd of someoneelse's creation and make it look like it's suppose in XHTML and CSS and 2) to create a customizable theme with al ot of features that do not require a plugin.

So for a limited time, like two weeks from today I'll take a stab at anyone who can send me a PSD to convert into a wordpress theme. This work is free, but because it is free I can't make any guarantees, this is a learning process and I may or may not finish it, or it may not come out quickly or exactly as you had intended.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015