LJ take that :P

I love Google Reader. I mean LOVE it. It's been so awesome to keep track of my feeds and to do things, however it has one very bad drawback. It does not pick up Livejournal's friend locked posts, which is very bad when I have friends who only post within the locks. So I've been searching for a solution and I found one finally.

It's open source code that is the base of feed proxy, but LJ blocked it so it's no longer usable. But the same open source code can work from your own server.

Here's is the most awesome post lol. Follow the directions in the notes and you shouldn't have a problem.

Though please do note that it will take a while for the feed to propagate. I did one yesterday and I didn't get the feed until this morning. So let it sit and be watchful for it to show up if it doesn't then take a look at it. And the subdomain is required if you read the comments in the post so don't skip that step.

SO all you LJ friends out there, if you use your friend lock alot please let me know. Email me or post a comment and I'll grab your feed that way!

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