New Family Member

Yesterday we went to the Animal Shelter. There was two sets of lab puppies - 2 black and 3 golden. All mixes. The 2 black were strays and the other 3 we didn't actually read much about them on their card.

One of the black ones took instantly to us, came up to the fence, Kathleen petted him. We tried to coax the other one over as we thought it was the male, but it didn't work. We went to visit with the friendly one in a closed room. The girls loved him. We thought he was a she so we had named him Isabella, but when we got to the counter to say we wanted this one, it was a boy so we had to find a new name on the way home. We agreed on Bubba. Even Sammi could say that one.

But we were not prepared. Their website (and the paper in the shelter) said that they are fixed before they leave. But at approximately 8 weeks that's a no go. We'll go back in January to get that taken care of.

The adoption fee was $50. We get a free vet examination with in three business days. They are fixed and their first set of shots are covered. This will include his rabies at 3 months.

So home we came with Bubba. We ate dinner and then me and the girls had to go to the store to get Bubba food, water bowl and toys. We have to go back today I definitely need more paper towels before next grocery trip and some carpet cleaner for those lovely accidents. I will probably just buy a gallon of vinegar and a spray bottle. I've been meaning to do that anyway.

The biggest adjustment I think is going to be with the girls. He gets over playful and starts nipping (cause he doesn't know any better) and then they start to run and he chases and nips some more and then it's scream at the top of our lungs. Sammi doesn't listen when you tell her not to run, so it's a big ordeal. They both need to settle down when he's nipping and scratching. He doesn't understand, they don't understand and it's all a big mess lol. But everyone will adjust.

Now if we can just find suitable sleeping arrangements. Bubba in the kitchen and us in the back of the house just did not work no one slept at all. Well until 4am when Shea decided he wasn't going to work OT today, the girls and Bubba came to our bed. Only Bubba stayed, the others went back to their own bed willingly. Kathleen wanted to go she couldn't get comfortable and Sammi went with her so it was just 3 in bed instead of 5. We all needed that two hours of sleep tho.

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