Christmas Decorations

Well, I had decorated my tree the day after Thanksgiving as is per my tradition. The girls and I made snowmen and a paper chain and some snow flakes.

I had hoped that this would be the easier of the solutions but it was not. The girls decide it was more fun to play with the paper they'd made then leave it on the tree. So last Saturday I bought ornaments and a tree skirt (which I needed anyways). And last night I decorated the tree.

The girls were naked while decorating the tree so we have no pictures while we decorated. Only this falsified one after I got them dressed lol.

Kids decorating the tree

I had to move decorations around, the girls didn't understand the "do not put them on top of each other" or "too close together" so I just rearranged afterwards. Here is a before and after:
The kids decoration of the tree
After I fixed the tree

And I tried to grab a picture of the kids and the dog but it didn't work out so well, this is the best of them.

The kiddos and the puppy

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