I'm a mess

Tuesday Bubba had a doctor's appointment. Roundworms was the only negative at the time. I had mentioned that he has loose stools and was a bit lazy.

When we got Bubba he chased the girls all over, enough that they were constantly complaining about him nipping at their feet and legs. Well since Tuesday he's been out of it.

Last night he started with diarrhea in full force AND vomiting. The poo smells awful and not in the poo kinda way, that I'm okay with this is nasty foul smelling stuff. I don't recall when that started.

So last night I was up all night. Worrying my poor little soul over what to do, what we would do if something bad comes of it. I searched the net sometime on his symptoms and of course found the worse of the worst that fit his symptoms - parvo. I went back to bed an even worse mess than I came out to my computer in.

About two hours later I got up and did another search, on roundworms this time. And this actually helped, granted not enough that I could get some sleep as Bubba decided then would be a good time for another round of puking on the floor.

His symptoms - diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and lethargy. There is nothing we can do about parvo except see if it gets better, there can only treat the symptoms. So this basically means keeping him hydrated. Roundworms on the other hand we can treat and we are currently doing so.

So my second search helped calm my nerves a little but not enough that I'm not calling the vet as soon as they open.

My biggest worry is Kathleen. If Bubba was to pass away I'm not sure we'd have a good Christmas. She is absolutely in love with him. She is being very motherly towards him, taking him outside every few minutes or whatever. I didn't have to clean up one poop or pee mess yesterday until bed time because of Kathleen's efforts with Bubba, granted she went outside by herself on a number of occasions with out asking. It is going to be a very difficult few hours until the vet opens and a very difficult next few days if we are playing the wait and see if the roundworms is the problem game.

I'm not sure I can handle the loss of another pet. We've not had him long but he's part of the family and just not sure my aching heart can handle it again. I'm praying for the best and hope things look up if only for my little girls.

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