Warm then cold

Weather is always interesting down here. It's fall and it got way cold there for a while, and then it rained for a long while where we could have gotten snow. Now it's like 70+ degrees.

Today was an absolute gorgeous day. It was hot enough that I would have turned the AC but we don't have it so I did the best alternative which in reality is the better solution. I opened some windows to let some air in and cool the house down. It is nice.

However I will have to close the windows tonight as it's going to get down to 30 degrees and be chilly tomorrow. I know that this doesn't seem cold to most of my friends and family but here in the south that is like -7 below zero. The humidity gets in your bones and the only way to get it out is to take a hot shower. But then again it's all relative. While I can tolerate much more cold like this than some people, my blood has "thinned" enough that it affects me alot more than it use it.

I feel for all you northern friends and family getting hit with all the bad weather. I wish ya'll warmth and safety.

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