Feeling a bit better

It's 7am and I've been up all night worrying about Bubba. I've spent the greater part of this morning investigating Parvo and Roundworms. Parvo is scary and from the things I've read I'm not sure it's that. The biggest reason is his stool and vomit is not bloody. It was a few days ago but it's not consistent. When I mentioned that to the vet she said it was probably from the roundworms.

Bubba is also not stationary. He is not content to stay in one place, even at night he was sleeping in various places. On his bed next to me, next to shea between the air conditioners. He is currently under Shea's desk. We've gone outside several times and he even ran inside when he heard another dog bark. He is most definitely not himself, but I also don't see it getting any worse than it has been over the past few days.

I also looked up the medicine he was taking, which was shortly before his first vomit attack. One of the side effects is vomiting.

While this new information is not going to hinder my call in the next 10 to 15 mins to the vet I feel slightly better about things, if only slightly. Hopefully my call to the vet will improve that dramatically. This is why we have professionals. I know a lot of people don't trust professionals persay but they definitely no a lot more than I do on subjects I've not studied in school or at home.

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