Vet called

The vet returned my call. I told him the story basically Bubba's been not so puppish for a few days, his diarrhea started Tuesday nightish. I gave him his meds and shortly there after he vomited.

I explained his actions, he asked about his bowel movements but I've not seen him take one yet since last night. He told me to give him 1 teaspoon of Kaopectate 3 times today and see how he's doing in the morning and to stop the panacur, that the Advantix multi would take care of the round worms. So we'll see how he's doing later.

I must say that the little boy can move when he wants to. He was outside for a potty break and he startled some birds on the ground. They flew away and he yelped and ran to me. That's twice he's freaked today.

But on the upside he did do some playing with the girls, not a lot but a little, enough to make me worry a little less. He's still hiding and clearly not feeling well.

Vet said if he's not any better by tomorrow - meaning appetite returns, eating and drinking okay that he'd probably want to see him again.

So we wait, but at least I have a clear direction to go and as much as we need the money I hope Shea will be home tomorrow, I really don't like doing this alone. Been a very hard day for me and it's only going to get worse lol. But so far no emergency yet. No blood in the stool, no blood in the vomit.

He's not going to be happy with me when I get up from here, cause he's gotta go to his pen, so I can go pick him up his medicine and some softer food for temporary solution to eating. He seemed to want to eat the dog biscuit, just didn't want to do alot of chewing I think. We'll see.

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