Went to vet

Well the vet called again, thinking it was the day after he'd spoken to me. But it was a good thing he called. I had been going back and forth about whether or not to call him back and let him know what was going on.

At this very moment it doesn't look like Parvo. But it could very well be just hasn't progressed enough yet to tell. They didn't do any blood work, just took his temp and examined him for dehydration. He was slightly dehydrated, so they gave him some fluids in his abdomen, two shots and sent home some medicine for us to start giving him. We are to restrict food for 24 hours and water for 2 only then giving him a few laps every 20 mins or so from then on out. Basically don't over do it.

This is probably all that we will be able to do financially and for that I feel horrible. So we'll deal with the rest tomorrow. And I truly hope that Shea will be home despite needing that money, but since we didn't talk long at lunch I didn't get to ask him. He'll be out of work in a few and I'll have some assistance.

I'm probably not going to sleep well tonight either. Sleep will probably only come out of pure exhaustion. Not sure if the girls can tell something is wrong, but by the way they've been acting I think they do, but we'll see. If we have to make the hard decision I'm not sure how well they will handle this.

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