Much brighter today

Well last night he started feeling better, was drinking water at twenty minute intervals a few laps at a time. He was peeing normally and sometime in the middle of the night he pooped - still the runs in a dark green color with an icky smell, but after my research about what the parvo smell actually smells like I'm pretty sure it's just an awful poo smell and not the smell of "death" that was described. But I guess we won't really know much until he starts eating, which will be in about 30 mins or so.

We slept better last night, or so I thought until Shea told me Bubba and I kept him awake. I really didn't think I'd been out of bed that much, and the girls only came in a few times, and not overly excessively considering Kathleen has a fever.

I was slightly worried last night about her, and around 3am Kitkat, Sammi and I took a luke warm shower. Sammi only joined us because she was awake. They came out when Shea went to work this morning and Bubba was attacking them like it was the first day. The girls were screaming cause he was nipping at their toes. Yeah, back to normal. He's also very hungry. He'll have to wait on that though he'll be eating little bits over the course of the day. He is trying to eat everything in the world.

I had to bring the crate into the bedroom so that I can keep an eye on him while I tend Kathleen. The living room is too cold in the fall/winter so we stay in our bedroom for the warmth, and comfort of a bed instead of the leather couches. The lady at the vet told me if the crate was too big to throw in some boxes to make it smaller so that's what I did. He and his bed can fit in the crate so hopefully this will do two birds with one stone, potty training/crate training and keeping him from over extending himself activity wise (and also keep him from the girls, he's already been sent to his pen to day for biting Kitkat - after Samantha let him out of course).

I'm running on about 9 hours of sleep over the past two days. Which is also another reason we are in the bedroom and Bubba is going to spend most of his day in the pen. So I can rest and not worry about him eating things or cheweing on things he should not.

But all in all things are looking up. I'm still worried but today looks better, he's acting like a puppy and that is not something he's done since we brought him home.

Between Bubb and the girls it took me nearly half an hour to write this lol. So I'm gonna go prepare Bubba some dinner for the first time hopefully in two days he'll eat.

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