My biggest concern all day yesterday was that Bubba hadn't had a bowel movement. He decided this morning after Shea went to work would be the best time to alleve himself of that problem lol. I don't think I've ever been so happy/proud of an accident in the house before. I would consider it a big achievement too as it was not yucky. Stinky but not the same kind it was before that permeated the whole house.

So yay for accident this morning. Now hopefully on to full on potty training. With our eating and watering scheduled right now it shouldn't be overly difficult lol, but we'll see.

Yesterday he was given food every couple of hours, he'd eat and sometimes he wouldn't. I also was giving him some food when I saw he was starting to scavenge everything.

With a sick puppy in the house I forgot how much he could get into when he got to feeling better. The day before he came home I had cleaned up most of the house. But with him being sick things got to the normal house standards with the girls, their toys and the crumbs they leave behind. Not as big as usual. So this morning even though I feel like crap I spent the time to clean up the office and hall way floors, vacuum up them, even in the corners and edges to get all the "yummies" out of the crevices that got pushed to the sides with the vacuum. And I did a quick once over of the bedroom to get anything that he'd been sniffing at before. He has free reign of those two rooms. And by free I don't mean he's wandering around unattenuated cause it's very rare that that girls aren't attached to him. I have to fight them off of him to let him sleep. He's at my feet now where it's safe so he can rest in peace.

Two nights ago Kathleen had a nice fever. Nothing I was overly concerned about I knew how she'd probably gotten the cold - going out side with out the proper clothing on. Since we've had the puppy there has been only one good day for them to go outside and I let them under my supervision. It's really hard not to let them go out into the yard, but it's better until Shea can get the tall grass down. Last thing we need is for a snake bite or worse. I don't even let Bubba get into the worse of the tall grass but he does have to go out in it.

Yesterday Samantha felt overly warm so she must have gotten something too. They've both been fussy so it didn't surprise me any. I went to the store and bought some Children's tylenol - something I haven't had in the house since Kathleen decided to drink the last bottle. I have been very careful with this bottle. However I doubt there isn't a place in the house she can't get to if she really wanted something. All the currently active meds (the girls tylenol and the puppies meds) are on the second shelf of my kitchen cabinents. Almost out of my own reach.

I feel like crap. I felt like crap last night and I went to go watch TV in our bedroom. I managed to watch Phineas and Ferb's Christmas episode and the episode that followed, and got a little way into rerun of Sactuary and then fell asleep and was woken by a dog yip from his pen. It was halfway through the new episode of Sanctuary. Yay! *sarcasm* I missed an episode. Though I probably will get to see that next Friday. I'm so drained.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015