Christmas Dinner

Christmas is fast approaching. Next Friday is the big day, and one in which Kathleen cannot wait for. She is constantly talking about Santa, I think next year we'll have to start writing letters to Santa.

Tomorrow is the family party, which hopefully will be a good time.

We had Christmas dinner tonight, the Saturday before Christmas. As is typical for here, I have no idea what we are doing on Christmas day, so in order to get the left overs that come with Christmas, I baked us a half a ham and made some mashed potatoes, and we finished off the biscuits I made for breakfast this morning. It was yummy, but my tatos were missing something and I'm not quit sure what it was.

Thus far our Christmas plans consist of opening presents when the girls get up while we web cam in my parents so they can watch the girls. Mam and Pawpaw might make it for present time, last Christmas we had to wake the girls up as they arrived before they woke up lol. I expect it to be the same this year or at least close.

I hope to have some cinnamon buns and hot cocco and coffee made while we open presents. I'd have egg nog but neither of us like it so there is no point in wasting that holiday tradition.

Tomorrow is a busy day, I have to make some smokey mac and cheese in the afternoon before we head over to the party. I will probably have to go to the store even though I had hoped I wouldn't have to. I ran out of salt, which is a rare thing and I'm pretty sure I'll need it tomorrow too. I should also pick up some drinks as I'm not sure if anyone will bring anything, so I want to make sure we are covered at least.

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