Christmas and Computers

Well it has been an eventful few days. On Monday my computer completely died. It's been interesting not having on. I did finally get my laptop fixed. I had tried to install norton internet security and the avg kept erroring on uninstall so it broke the whole computer. Thankfully nothing important is on my laptop so I just reinstalled it. However when I do that it doesn't have the ethernet or wireless driver so I didn't get around to downloading all that until today. So my laptop is now functioning and I can keep up with my email and the likes with out bugging Shea.

It took three days to get the loan approved for my new computer. It's a dell, it's much better than what I had: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q8300 (4MB L2, 2.5GHz, 1333FSB), Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

It has 6G of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. I bought the latest version of Office with it and a 3 year warrenty. The only bad thing is that I won't get it till the middle of January. It really kinda sucks but I'll live.

Christmas was good. The girls made out like champs.

Kathleen and Samantha got a tent to share, a tinkerbell sleeping bag each, a princess dress up trunk from Grams T. Grandma and Grandpa got the girls a leapster 2, 1 game and a battery charger with 4 rechargable batteries, each. Santa gave them a buzz lightyear stuff toy and blanket, and a princess basketball, panties, m&ms, a toy story flash light and a little pet shop figure. I started a new tradition with the girls gifts from us. Something they need, "want", a game, read, and wear.

They needed more sheets for their bed so they both got a mickey sheet set. They got their "want" which isn't necessarily something they wanted but something I thought they'd like - Sammi got a large truck carrier with about 20 little cars inside it, Kathleen got some playdoh and a white board drawing and lettering set. They got the Elefun game to share (catching butterflies in a net). They each got a colloring/activity book to "read". And a red "christmas" tunic and legging set they can wear after christmas still.

They got from Shea's side of the family different things. Sammi got a talking truck she's afraid of because it moves by itself, some Barbi dvds, an outfit and a princess drawing book and a bath set. Kathleen got a dance video game to play on the tv, a simple "simon" game, an outfit and a bath set.

Mom and Dad also sent the girls a collection of books and coloring books that they love.

We also had the first of Kathleen's birthday parties. We had cake and icecream and she opened up some presents. She got a fairy popup tent, an arizona fleece sweat shirt, a tinkerbell blanket and some drawing books from us. She enjoyed it.

I got the new super mario brothers game for wii and Shea will probably be getting a smoker for christmas.

All in all we had a good day and I think everyone enjoyed opening presnets with both my parents and Shea's. It was a good day.

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