Bells and Birthdays

I've missed out on writing some things so I end up with a lot to write on the days I remember to write. I know it's an interesting title, but my parents uses bells for their dog. It was such a great idea I'd tried to make our own set. I only found little jingle bells and Samantha took them off the ribbon I had them on. Probably not the greatest of ideas, but Mom found some HUGE bells, tie wrapped them on to a chain and put them on a cat collar so we can adjust it on the door knob. It's been on about a week or so and Bubba actually uses them during the day. I don't know if he's ringing them to actually go outside, but I think he is, he usually rings them and then sits down and waits, and then goes outside. It did not take him long to figure it out. We have very few accidents during the day. We still have some and at night I'm sure we do as well, but of the three little children I have he was by far the easiest to potty train.

My parents asked me who would be potty trained first Kathleen or the Dog, I said the dog lol. And I was right.

Kathleen had her birthday party yesterday. She racked up on toys, but unfortunately I will be going to the store today to pick up another Barbie doll for Samantha. She fell IN LOVE with the one Sydney gave Kathleen. So we must get her one.

The birthday party was a bit bigger than the previous ones. We invited three additional kiddos. Taylor who is the daughter of Shea's second cousin, she's about 1 years old, Victoria who is the daughter of one of Shea's highschool buddies and Jacob, who is one of Kathleen's friends at Mam and Pawpaw's church when she goes. Their parents are a friend of the family. We of course invited Addie and Laura as well. AND Gabriel and Sydney were there. It was a joy to have them share Kathleen's birthday with us. We only wish it could have been longer but we understand.

The kids played with Kathleen's Christmas video game - a web cam that hooks to the tv and plays music and has dancing characters while they all dance in front of it. And we brought up Elefun and all the kids caught butterflies. Shea's parents have a pasture they let some local horse owners use, his only real condition was that they come over once and a while when the girls are around to give them a ride. Now I must say I was not at all surprised that Kathleen rode the horse. She actually couldn't wait for it. But it truly amazed me that Samantha rode the horse. Totally amazed me because she freaks out at anything that moves by itself, she wasn't real sure of it the first time and when I took her away she still insisted on riding so we avoided the horse's head and we went around, she rode around in a smaller course than the rest of the kids, but she didn't cry she actually smiled and enjoyed it. She still amazes me when she does something out of character like that. But she did the same thing with the fair rides this year too. It's amazing what a year will do for the kiddos.

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