It's that time of year again to reflect on the goals of last year. To refresh my memory

1. Remove the final credit card from our budget and build my credit to a better score
2. Lose weight. 136 is still my goal, but exercise is going to be needed to reach it and maintain it. Now just to find a way to do this.
3. Learn something new or improve more of what I know – jQuery and AJAX or .net (C# variant)
4. Potty Train Kathleen!
5. Finish at least one personal project.
6. Finish my business website and begin writing weekly on it’s blog.
7. Begin a “beginner” programming blog
8. Play daily with my girls with their lincoln logs, tinker toys or building blocks.
9. Color with the girls daily
10. Help Kathleen (and Samantha) learn her ABCs, colors and shapes.
11. Learn how to make yeast rolls

#1 - still in negotiations, but almost done with this I hope.

#2 - don't think I've managed to do that but we've been out of a scale for a while and I keep forgetting to buy one that doesn't require batteries.

#3 - the only thing I can really think I learned this past year was cakePHP. I dabbled more with jQuery and Ajax and poked around with C# and .net but I don't think I learned much more than I already knew.

#4 - Well it's better than last year. We've had our good weeks and our bad ones. In order to remind both Kathleen and myself to remind Kathleen I've started a timer, it seems to be working, every 20 to 45 minutes depending on what I think she's doing at the time seems to be helping to remind both of us. Now to start working on Samantha.

#5 - Nope, no personal projects completed I started about a billion again.

#6 & #7 - I haven't done any design blogging. I should but I don't have the ideas to push enough through right now.

#8 & #9 - I don't so much as play with the girls as let them build with them. Kathleen loves to build. Granted the toys are all over the house, but they enjoy them. I don't color much with them either, but Kathleen loves to draw, Sammi just goes with the flow.

#10 - we started this and Kathleen can identify some letters and knows what sounds others make, but we still need to work on that, we bought alot of Christmas presents this year to assist with that process.

#11 - well I did make yeast rolls this year, but they weren't very good, I will have to try again.

I will make some resolutions for next year, but not tonight. Later will be better while I sit down and go through my business stuff and try to see where I want to go from there.

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