Resolution #1

This is probably the only resolution that is about me (and Shea) personally.

Resolution #1 - lose weight. I am not going to put a weight limit on it. I'd like to be a minimum of 136 but I just need to lose weight period so I'm not setting a specific goal/time frame.

Instead I'm going to set small achievable goals.

My first few goals are meant to set us up for this particular resolution.

#1. Get a scale that does not rely on batteries to work. While the digital are more accurate when the batteries die you are kinda out of luck until you replace them. And they have a weight limit that isn't quite so visible as your scale maxing out.

#2. Find at least one weeks worth of low cal recipes that fit into my weekly budget. These recipes should add vegetables to the diet that aren't otherwise in my current repertoire of foods. I'm looking at soups, stews and other dishes in which I can puree and/or hide the veggies from my very picky husband. If he sees them he won't eat them. This does two things, adds veggies to all our diets and stretches the bang for the buck on the meat.

#3. Try to play Disney Groove for an hour a day with or with out the girls. While I'm still working the very easy setting I think this is by far the best way for me to get extra exercise. As long as I sweat then I'm happy with the activity.

#4. Do a little research on EA Active to see what it has on it for "games" and activities and see if its worth the money to buy for both Shea and myself.

And finally #5. Stop drinking non diet soda. While this may seem like the easiest of goals it is probably my hardest one to achieve. I don't like diet soda, I've tried and tried to drink it but I can't get it down. But unfortunately I am drawn back into soda for the flavor of Dr. Pepper. Also unfortunately my caffeine intake at this current moment is way to high to it cold turkey. I cannot manage a day with the caffeine withdrawal headache I will get if I stop cold turkey. I have a few cans of regular Dr. Pepper left in the fridge, I will from my next purchase be buying Diet Dr. Pepper if it's still on sale, if not I'll find another suitable caffeinated diet soda to begin the slow down turn of caffeine intake. Diet soda's will do two things, remove the caffeine intake slowly as I won't drink as much and two keep the calories down until I can limit my drinks to Crystal Light and/or flavored water. But this is going to be the hardest of the small goals to achieve.

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