Resolution #2

Resolution #2 revolves around my freelancing - the basics of it is to increase my cash flow from my freelancing.

This is rather generic resolution I know but again I want to do it in small steps.

#1- do at least one project and one update a week for HIT Web Design a week. This will gradually increase over time I hope but this is my starter goal. I can't handle more than one project at a time, but updates I'm sure I can handle up to three with out a project so we'll see how that goes.

#2 - make a new wordpress theme every month to give away or sell for money. This is a two fold increase in revenue. The first being actually selling wordpress themes to those who want it for a minimal fee. But even the free ones could lead to revenue by increasing traffic to my site and pulling in potential customers.

#3 - design something everyday. This is a smashing magazine challenge and I intend to try this once I get my PC up. I think my first stab at this task is going to the common icons I use in a blog for wordpress and then common category icons/headers to use for categories, starting first with my own blogs. This doesn't bring money in and of itself, but by designing something everyday provides me with practice so that I can make more money with the graphical and/or design aspects of the freelancing. Posting it on my site can also pull in additional clientele which is a money maker.

#4 - learn C# version. This is something that I've already started and I'm working on chapter 3 of my book, and I'll be writing the code here soon. This doesn't increase cash flow persay but it opens up options not present otherwise.

With each of these there are minor little things I need to do to accomplish the larger task. But all in all this is as miniute as I want to get with my resolutions. And I don't think of these as a new start or trying to do something I didn't next year, these are more like guidelines into the new year. I seriously doubt I will follow through with everything but they are the goals I'm setting short term.

I have one more resolution for the family, but that is going to take a bit more thinking on my part as to what I want to include in this particular resolution. It's the most important and yet the hardest to think of actions to take this year.

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