Bubba, again ...

I am a terrible tweeter lol. I need to tell a story and 140 characters isn't cutting it.

Last night Bubba was yelping when he slept I assumed it was a dream until this morning when he started doing it when I think he's awake. He definitely does it when he's moving so I think the girls were a bit too rough, again.

I called the vet just to see what I could do to help. I was already on the right track with isolation. Which I had been doing since this morning but Samantha doesn't listen so I had to resort to putting Bubba in his pen. He doesn't like it much, but he he's surviving, and actually a lot less noisy than I anticipated, but then the girls are sitting outside his pen watching over him. He's whining now, but the kind that means let me out not a yelping painful kind of one.

I can tell he hurts, but he's still a puppy. He's eating and drinking to my knowledge and he's going to the bathroom. I'm hoping that he'll be fine in the morning if not I'll call the vet and see about picking up some pain relief for him and to keep him isolated until he does feel better. I really hope that he's okay we can't afford any type of vet bill right now. This cold weather is kicking our financial butt. If Shea doesn't work, Shea doesn't get paid and that's the short and sweet of it, nothing I can do about it.

So my tummy is in knots and its no fun. The only good thing is at 5pm or so the weekend starts and Shea is home for 3 days. Not that he wasn't just here yesterday cause of a "cold out". Released because they couldn't do any hot work cause the fire mains were all frozen. Yeah, that's the south for you. We are lucky he went to work today.

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