Cold, cold go away

And I know all my family and friends in the North are going to say "what are you complaining about," but I really am tired of this cold weather. I want my 40s back thank you.

I would like to express to all those who are gritting their teeth and turning away saying she's a wuss or something of that nature. I have lived in three different types of climates in my life in three different types of areas - completely land locked, northern but by the water, and southern by the water.

Colorado had nice winters. Yes it snowed, there were blizzards, but the cold was just that cold, it didn't have the added chill that comes with the humidity in the air. I hated winters in New York - hated! The cold and the snow, no, I just can't think of that as being "warm" or better than anything else. But the cold weather in the south, it just doesn't get out of your bones. It has been below the 20s at night, one night we were one degree away from tying the record low, and while it's not as "cold" as -7 degree I would much rather be up north in -7 degree weather than down here with 19 degree weather.

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