Well I think I've managed to cut most of the caffeine out of my system. I had a bit much yesterday as I was not feeling well and got fast food so I didn't have to cook lunch while feeling like crap. So I might get a headache today but considering I'm not top of my game already it probably will be a really bad one lol. Though I have gone days with out any caffeine and gotten no headaches, so I think I'm over that particular hump, now to stay off of it. I do enjoy the carbonation, so I'm back to buying Sam's Choice Clear American "naturally" flavored water, that is no calorie and carbonated and has flavor since I do not like plain water. It gets that carbonation fix I generally drink soda for. We typically keep Key-lime in the house since Shea will drink it too, the other fruit flavors he doesn't like, but I did buy a couple strawberries for me. The girls call it Thirsty - not exactly sure why.

We are now all officially sick. Shea caught what we've had the past few days, unfortunately he's home from work today, but when he bent over this morning and got dizzy I kinda didn't like that so pushed a little more for him to stay home and get well instead of going to work. We need the money, but I need him more than I need the money. Dizzy and heights do not go well together and what he does is already dangerous enough with out me worrying about that. So I'm glad he's home. I just hope he can get some overtime this weekend to make up for it, but we'll see. Good thing is I got a maintenance contract that expired and my client is renewing so that's some income and I had a quick project last week so in 4 weeks well start making some extra money that way too. Hopefully my next project will be as quick. I'll try to pick one up today after the girls doctor appointment.

We aren't completely accident free now, but Kathleen has made excellent progress in that department in the past week. I tried threatening wearing diapers for accidents since nothing else seemed to work. But all it did was allow her to go in her pants with out much care. So after the second time of diapers I changed strategies and removed diapers and pullups from her completely. No longer are we doing pullups at night. Yes it's far more annoying to wake up and have to make a dry bed, but it's far easier in the potty training now. We've had only sleep time accidents since we started this particular thing. We are also on a timer, Grandma and Grandpa bought a potty watch for the girls. It has a set 30, 60 or 90 miniute count down on it and it restarts itself, which is awesome. It plays a song and lights up. She wore it the first day but now it just sits on my desk and she goes when it says to. I do turn it off and try to get her to go on her own, it has worked okay, we've not had any accidents.

I think it's also helpful that they are spending time in our room watching the Roku with it's new cartoons - dora and thomas the train that are streaming from netflix. I think in terms of what we paid for and what we have watched since getting it the thing has paid for itself already. I think being in our room has helped her as well, the potty isn't too far away.

We've also instituted a sticker regime again. She seems to like that a lot. When we first established it we crossed out a lot of stickers, but I've not had to do that in a while. She gets 1 sticker for her board, and 1 sticker for herself when she potties and she gets 1 sticker for her and 2 for her board when she poops. And she only gets the poop ones when she shows me lol. So I get a lot of "Mommy, do you want to see the poop?" She likes to try to fake it out when she has an accident so you have to check the panties too. But we have made decided progress, and I hope we can get her in this most of the time so we can start working with Sammi, first thing with Sammi though is getting her to wear panties at all, she just won't wear them. And if I put them on her she just takes them off so we have to work on it.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015