Sick sick and more sick

Two weeks ago Shea started out with a stomach bug that carried into a very nice chest cold. It wasn't a pretty week, and then the girls and I got sick. No matter how hard we try if Shea gets sick we all end up sick.

Poor Kathleen was so sick I was worried about Pneumonia. So I took them out to the doctor to make sure it wasn't that. We couldn't get an appointment so we waited 3 hours before we were seen. They were giving two shots - steroids and antibiotics to help them recover faster, and then we spent another 1.5 hours in the hospital waiting for chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia.

They started perking up halfway through that evening, while they still have a nice cough and runny noses they are doing much better, even their appetites are returning, thankfully. But I'm still not well. I feel better today, I didn't wake up with a hard cough, so I'm thinking I may have broken it, we'll see tonight. If I set back into the way I was feeling last night then I'll make an appointment to see the doctor. But today I think is a much better day.

So we'll wait and see. Meanwhile the girls get to finish off their antibiotics and work in some breathing treatements a few more times and hopefully they'll be cough free soon.

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