"Prepackaged" Food

I read alot of blogs. A new blog called The Hedonist Cook wrote an article called Why American Cheese is Evil. Basically it's an article about her preference for cheese and the conversion of her friend to see the her point behind the cheese issue.

This kinda hit home. I like American Cheese. I love the way it melts on my grilled cheese sandwich. I grew up with American Cheese. But this does not mean that I don't love "real cheese", because I absolutely adore cheese (just not on my grilled cheese sandwich). I typically keep cheddar and mozzarella cheese in the house at all times. But we occasionally get other kind for different things - Swiss for chicken cordon bleu, pepper jack for various sandwiches. Since we are on a budget we don't get to spring for the a more varied cheese selection.

American cheese isn't the only food that I typically prefer in situations. I still love boxed macroni and cheese, even though I can make a pretty grand (yet very fattening) dish of macaroni and cheese from scratch.

No matter how many times I go to a coffee shop to get hot chocolate, I always end up saying that I still prefer my instant from a can hot chocolate or the instant stuff they typically server in gas stations. I was never big on homemade hot chocolate.

Same thing with mashed potatoes, up until a few years ago the only mashed potatoes I would eat were instant. The biggest reason was because almost all homemade mashed potatoes were lumpy. I can't stand lumpy mashed potatoes. I do make some nice mashed potatoes now with my lovely food processor, and I even will eat it with the lumps cause no matter how long I puree it, it still has lumps.

There might be a few other things that I truly enjoy that is prepackaged, but I rarely if ever buy prepackaged foods (except for these things and a few others I've not yet mastered from scratch). I realize my cooking has grown since coming down to Mississippi, and I thank a lot of that to the Food Network and all their afternoon instructions.

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