I have a need to write. It's one creative outlet short of Web Design that I love to do. But I have not been able to sit down and write a story/novel/book or anything like that. I start, but never get anywhere. I long to write with other people - cooperative fiction as the case may be, an RP for others, but writing none-the-less.

I've thought of making up my own world or using some existing world already created. I've tried to get into two different writing worlds and I just didn't feel right. So now I'm back to making my own. I wanted something quick and easy for me to start up and I wanted little maintenance on my part. So I created a Wheel of Time RPG. I am familiar with the world, as are my friends, and many others out there, so it was a logical place for me to go.

You can visit us at Web of Destiny. This is run a little differently than most rp sites I've been to, it's based on the honor system. Basically it's Peer Administration. We'll see how it goes. There are no admins to run things, there are admins but only to serve the purpose of fixing things when broken or to rectify a concern that couldn't be resolved by the individuals involved. Moderators are only around to insure we remain spam free and to remove or edit inappropriate material.

There are no title, no power to be had. It's all about your character being the hero. We are currently several years before the books in the series began. The Dragon has not been found much less revealed. One day in the future we might start adding in current events, but there will be no major interaction with those events, just your reactions to them.

I choose an out of the way place that we can have a pretty light hand with what exists and what doesn't exist - Mayene. While we know the First and we know a little bit about them, the main characters never go there, and we don't see any minor characters, we don't have much going on there, so we can establish a city that is under our own fine tooth comb with out getting in trouble with what's in the books.

The city is our world to create, ours to push into a direction we'd like to see. I know with out major direction some people might not feel comfortable, but there are those of us who like to come up with ideas, and I will try to create some city wide events that everyone (or a few) can participate in. I hope that you will come check us out, make a character (or lurk around) and help with the creativity we can unfold in a world we know but in a place we have mostly unlimited control over.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015