Moving Things Around

Yesterday I spend most of my day working on a theme form my journal.

I was working towards the herd theme, I was looking for farm pictures and found a herd of cows. I thought perfect.

Shea looked over and said something about the cows and I said,"Ya know raising the herd." He quickly followed. "Not Cows, cats, like herding cats." Since the name of the blog is something he calls all of us regularly - his herd. I figured I'd go look for a "herd of cats" I found a few pictures that would work but since I was trying for a spring theme I choose this one.

I've got the base coding done without any formatting or pretty stuff done. I have a few tweaks to make still to that, and then add in all the pretty stuff with CSS. Hopefully in a few days I'll have a new theme, but since it's Thursday, we'll see how that goes lol.

On a side note: The weather is warming up and we probably won't have the money to add any coolant to the AC unit, so we'll be in two rooms, possibly with the hallway able to be open if we can make some sort of doorway to block off the rest of the house with out ruining the walls.

I will be working on rearranging our bedroom here over the next couple of days in preparation of that. I have to clean the desk off in the corner so I can put my PC on it and move it to the corner by the closet. This is for two reasons. 1) Bubba's pen is nearly butted up against it, there would be no place to sit. 2) The long Ethernet cable that we had either the mice or Bubba ate, and we don't have the money to buy another one. We can use the existing cables we have if I move the desk.

I'll probably have to clean everything off by the TV so we can have the router and modem over there. The upside, the Roku might work faster if I hard wire it instead of use the wireless connection. Not that it matters much only thing we don't get a lot of is HD.

One good side affect of living in one/two rooms is that I might be able to potty train Samantha easier. It was definitely easier like that for Kathleen. The only big hindrance to us living in our bedroom is the eating thing. Last summer we moved the table to our room, with my desk where the table was we might have issues. Though we'll see if it's even needed. We don't typically eat at the table anymore anyway. And the girl's folding table is in our room and they use that during the day.

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