Got our hair cut

This past Saturday we spend the day at Shea's folks house, helping them with some yard chores. We'll be back up again sometime soon for Shea to implement his water system idea, but we don't know when yet.

But at the end of the day we went to Miss Neice's and got our hair cut. The girls first got their normal trims and they look adorable in them as usual. They were both very good and sat very still.

I was next and got mine chopped off. Approximately 9 inches or so off which was donated for wigs. Which is really cool.

Shea got his typical cut and hopefully we'll be all good to go for a while.

I got my hair chopped for one reason, to help reduce the headaches. I've been having headaches I can't account for and I don't know why I'm having them. It's possibly any number of things, most of which require a doctor visit of some sort.

1) Allergies (which testing is not covered by our insurance)
2) Need new glasses - just don't have the money to buy a new set, we can cover the exam but we'd still need to fork out 200 plus dollars for my new glasses, unless I want coke bottle lens made of plastic, which I really don't think will work for me anymore.
3) Some other thing causing my headaches.

So we tried cutting my hair first to see if it helps, it's only been a few days and with a caffeine withdrawl headache still lingering we won't know for a while if it's helping at all.

I like the cut okay. It's short but I can tuck it behind my ears and that's all I typically care about (the tucking behind the ears thing).

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