Very very very odd

Today I moved the van to the park so that the painters next door wouldn't accidentally get spray on it. I jogged back from the park as I didn't want the girls to wake up with me gone. As I got to the porch I started to feel like I was going to fall down, my knees felt like jelly . I don't know how to explain it but it was like I folded in on myself as I 'fell'. There was a weird feeling in my stomach as I moved. I just laid their for several seconds going what the hell was that.

I was able to get back up to my knees and crawl in the house, my knees still didn't feel like they could hold me. After getting into the house I felt better and could get up and walk.

I have a slight pain in my belly where I felt weird at and my back aches. They may not be related to headaches but I thought this was worth noting in my headache journal.

But needless to say it has me concerned. I still don't feel top of my game, but that's probably the adrenaline still in my system from that freak out, as this is typically how I feel after that.

Note to others: When I feel I first sat down then went backwards to lay down it wasn't really falling I didn't hurt myself in anyway falling. And I am keeping myself indoors as much as possible today and near a wall or something. I really don't know what it was all about and I now have a slight headache on the left side. Something else to note in the journal. I kinda felt this one coming on earlier this morning. And I have no Imatrix either. Hope it's not bad.

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