I had a doctor appointment today related to last Thursday's post about that weird fall I had in the morning.

He thinks it was a syncope or more easily put "fainting" - a loss of conscientiousness and posture. I do not recall "passing out" just falling down. There was no black out nothing, major wobbly knees and I "fell down". But as I was looking u syncope, I also noticed it could be related to migraine attacks. I did have an aura around 4pm and I did have a headache after I "fell". So it's possible, but I didn't black out or anything so I'm still skeptical.

Today's appointment let to some testing and more testing to follow. Thursday I will go to get a Holter monitor put on. Basically monitoring my heart for 24 hours. Then on Friday I will turn it in for their analysis and then I will go a few streets down for a MRI of the brain. Today they took some blood, did an EKG of my heart and an echo of my heart. The only results I have is the EKG and the doctor said that was fine.

My biggest concerns are brain tumor of course, anemia and diabetes. Three things that could be life altering. So we'll see what this all comes to.

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