MRI done

Welp, had my MRI done today. They didn't say anything and I'm pretty sure I nodded off in that noisy thing and started myself but I know not to move so I think it was just me mentally jerking cause I was frozen still while lying there.

They sent me home with a disk for any referrals, if there are any. I'll just keep it with all our other paperwork for now. The doctor will get a report of it all, with out another scheduled appointment makes me wonder what is next.

Also turned in the heart holter thingie I wore for the past 24 hours and I was ready for it to go the damn sticky pads were making me itch like crazy. That'll take a better part of a week to get results back so we'll see what he says.

So not it's a waiting game.

I'm still tracking my headaches, not so much my food anymore, that's a bit more annoying and I'm pretty sure that it's not relative to anything. I will however continue to track meds of any kind, specifically any Over-the-counter meds I take for various other pains - which to date I've not taken any of. I'll record any caffeine I have too.

So now we wait.

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